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Beacon School for Holocaust Education

Northfield School and Sports College is delighted to have been chosen as a Beacon School in Holocaust Education as part of the UCL Beacon School in Holocaust Education programme.

The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education, established in 2008, is part of University College London, the UK’s foremost institution for education, research, theory and practice and rated the world’s leading university for education in 2014 and 2015 QS World Rankings.

The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education works with schools to enable young people to deepen their understanding of the significance of the Holocaust and to explore its relevance for their own lives and the contemporary world. Being part of this programme will help us to transform our students’ understanding of this complex and emotionally challenging subject. 

We believe that the Holocaust is a critically important part of young peoples’ education, while appreciating the complex changes that the Holocaust raises as a school subject. Teaching and learning about the Holocaust has great value in developing our SMSC provision as well as actively promoting global learning and active democratic citizenship.  In addition, our students will develop their ability to think independently and critically.

We are very proud to be at the forefront of this national initiative and our students and staff will benefit from the centre’s national research on student understanding, gaining insights into issues of progression and assessment for learning.  As a school, we will be able to share and gain from the expertise and experience of other school colleagues across the country as the programme builds a critical mass of school resources and expertise through the Beacon School’s network.

Mr Tattersall, Head of Year 8 and teacher of Religious Studies is our Lead Teacher. Mr Tattersall’s role as Lead Teacher is to coordinate the development of Holocaust education in our school.  Mr Tattersall is working with colleagues across the school to plan how different departments may contribute to our students’ understanding about the Holocaust.

As part of our Beacon Status, Mr Tattersall will attend a four-day residential seminar at UCL Institute of Education as well as taking part in a powerful and intensely-moving study visit to sites of the Holocaust in Warsaw and its environs.  This experience will allow us to collaborate with leading experts in Holocaust education, pedagogy, assessment and curriculum design. 

As an outward facing school we have established our own Beacon School local network.  The network will allow colleagues from neighbouring schools to attend CPD sessions provided by the school and give us the opportunity to share the ideas and experiences that underpin our newly developed scheme of work.

Being chosen as a Beacon School is a real privilege.  We can empower our young people with deeper knowledge and the capacity for more critical thinking; help students to make genuine progress in their understanding of the Holocaust; become more independent and critical thinkers and construct meaning for themselves.