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Head Boy and Head Girl Message

Head Girl

During my last 4 years at Northfield School and Sports College, I have been privileged to experience a vast array of new opportunities that have helped me to become the independent, aspiring student I am today.

Northfield is a well-respected establishment within the surrounding area. As a student, I know from experience that a new school can often be a daunting and potentially challenging environment for new pupil.

However, the school values highly its welcoming ethos, cultivated by attentive staff and friendly students. Teachers enrich lessons with both enthusiasm and innovation, enhancing each and every subject.

Here at Northfield, the various trips and extra-curricular activities help to expand and develop a student’s learning, increasing the enjoyment of secondary school education, whilst creating memories that I personally, will always remember.

It is for these reasons that I am proud to represent Northfield as Head Girl for the forthcoming year.


Head Boy

My name is Jacob and I'm head boy at Northfield school. I would like to welcome you and share with you my opinion of the school.

Northfield school provides an excellent learning environment for students of all ages. Students are given the opportunity to participate in various activities both in school and extra curricular clubs. The school has impeccable sporting facilities and there are a wide range of sporting clubs available for students to attend. I have enjoyed taking part in football, athletics and basketball and the coaching I have received has been superb.

I would encourage other students to take the opportunity to go on all school trips offered as this will be a valuable life experience for them. I have taken part in the Dutch exchange and I have been able to travel to both Ypres and the Somme to gain an insight into what life would have been like during the war. All of the opportunities I have taken advantage of have allowed me to grow in confidence and I believe these experiences have made me who I am today.

There is a very friendly atmosphere in school. The teaching staff are extremely supportive and guide students through their studies to ensure everyone does their very best. The student council, which I am proud to be a part of, empowers the students to voice their opinions on how to improve school life. There are a team of prefects supporting their fellow students to ensure that the school environment is safe and students feel supported.

It is an honour for me to represent a school that I believe gives every pupil the opportunity to shine.