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Head Boy and Head Girl Message

Head Girl

At first the transition between year 6 to year 7 may seem unsettling simply because of the immense step up into secondary school. I can personally say that Northfield school is extremely supportive and encouraging towards each individual student.

The teachers here make your first weeks very welcoming and provide you with a lot of comfort whilst you begin to find your feet. With over 300 people in your year the variation of your lessons and your tutor group contribute towards the making of new friendships. Furthermore, being given the opportunity to join in on many things, for example the student council and many more cross curricular activities. All of these things help develop your interpersonal qualities as you grow throughout your school years.

Having experienced almost 5 full years at Northfield, I would say that I have been offered absolutely astonishing opportunities which many other schools wouldn't typically offer you. Opportunities vary from taking part in after school clubs to trips and expeditions abroad.

I have recently just spent a staggering 3 weeks wild camping and trekking across Iceland, this once in a lifetime chance was a breathtaking and phenomenal experience. You really won't be given this anywhere else! Also, the Duke of Edinburgh award, a camping expedition, is an additional golden opportunity which will set you apart from other people in the future!

Northfield is a very great school, which will give you the best possible start in life.


Head Boy

Hello, I am Alex, head boy at Northfield. Northfield is a First Class school where staff have a passion and genuine interest in the education and development of students. Not only are the staff excellent, but also the facilities, including the brand new year 7 school with state of the art learning facilities, including new science labs, dining facility and an outdoor teaching area. This allows new students to be easily integrated into secondary school life, which at first may seem like a daunting experience. New students are mostly separated in this facility, keeping them away from the congestion of the main school and helping to eliminate the potential stresses a new student may feel joining such a large secondary school. Thus, allowing them an extra year to adjust to their new environment and ensuring that they are comfortable and have a positive learning experience.

Northfield also provides lots of great life experiences and opportunities, for example the Duke of Edinburgh award in year 10. This involves volunteering in their local area doing a physical and/or educational skill as well as an expedition phase, where you camp out overnight in a tent, navigate the beautiful North York Moors and cook your own food for the night. I believe that this is a great opportunity as it makes you try new things you wouldn’t usually do, helping you become a more rounded person with a better sense of independence.

Furthermore, at Northfield, you are given the opportunity to be on the Student Council and in year 11, the Junior Leadership Team (JLT), which I am lucky enough to be on. To be considered for these roles I had to create a video speech, saying why I would be suitable for the role, undergo a rigorous interview from the headteacher (at the time of writing) Mr Walker and the year team. Here, in collaboration, with fellow students, you are able to discuss ideas with peers on improvements that they feel could be made to the school. A notable change that has been encouraged and endorsed by the school council, is the student entrance, which has recently been modernised.

Overall, I feel that Northfield is a great school, with many great opportunities and run by caring staff. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Northfield and have undoubtedly equipped myself with many new key skills which will benefit me for the rest of my life. I now have much greater confidence of tough, tense interviews and public speaking in front of hundreds of strangers. However most importantly, I have academically succeeded, due to the help of the many different staff that have taught me during my time here, many of whom have often spent their own, personal time to help.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has given you a little more information about Northfield and given you a student’s perspective of the school.