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Drama (GCSE) Drama

Key stage 4
Year 9, 10, 11
Teaching staff

What will I do in GCSE Drama?

Year nine is a foundation year for GCSE Drama. Students will learn how to devise sophisticated work and begin to explore theatre practitioners through the devising process. Students will learn how to explore drama texts on a deeper level through practical exploration.

You will learn skills and techniques which will help you to create successful performance work. You will create a range of characters and investigate themes and issues which are relevant to real life situations as well as a variety of play texts. You will spend your drama lessons working creatively as part of a team.

How am I assessed?

GCSE Drama consists of three assessment units:

  • Component 1 – 40%
  • Component 2 – 20%
  • Component 3 – 40%
p>You will take part in two practical workshop exams which will be assessed by your teacher:

  • Component 1: Devising and Performing. Tracking progress portfolio.
  • Component 2: Studying Texts. Performing texts.
  • Component 3: Written exam on live theatre and play text.

Will I enjoy the course?

This course is for anybody with a keen interest in Drama and working as a team. Drama is an innovative subject where you will be encouraged to develop your own creativity through a range of exciting and interesting stimuli.

What other skills will GCSE Drama help me with?

Self-confidence, teamwork, listening, co-operation, self-discipline, self-expression, negotiation, problem solving, decision making and communication.
All of these are transferable skills which you can take into any career or job!