A Story of Champions!

Here at Northfield School, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Champion School Status for our success whilst on the Accelerated Reader Programme as well as being chosen as a Beacon School for Accelerated Reading in the Stockton area.

Northfield School has successfully implemented the Accelerated Reader Programme into their Literacy Policy for a number of years now and it has been an integral part of the school curriculum supported by every member of staff. The students are given time every day to read and as a result, the reading ages of our Y7 and Y8 students continues to rise. We have a dedicated Accelerated Reader Coordinator who works closely with the Literacy Coordinator and Librarians to promote consistent and appropriate reading through a wide range of novels and texts. The students are Star Tested four times a year to monitor reading ages and keep up to date with what they should be reading.

To keep reading fun, we have a number of ways we reward our students for taking part; this even catches our most reluctant readers. We have our champions' league table that runs through the whole year and allows the tutor groups to compete against each other for prizes, which are awarded every half term. Every child who completes a quiz is given an achievement point that goes towards end-of-year goodie bags. We also recognise those students who read a lot with certificates and badges through our ‘Be a Millionaire!’ initiative based on the number of words read. As an added bonus, even the tutors get involved; we set them specific targets to work towards with their tutees and that has awards attached as well, just for them!

As a direct result of taking part in the programme, the school has, for a while now, been able use the data to target particular groups of students to help them progress further. Initiated by our Literacy Coordinator, the weaker readers have Reading Leaders, chosen from our Y9 and Y10 students (who use this as part of their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering) mentoring those students registering a reading age below ten years. They meet and read together once a week and they have booklets to record progress for individuals to work towards specific targets; this has been incredibly successful and all those who take part really enjoy the interaction. Two years ago, we introduced a new club for our higher-level readers. Our 101 Club consists of those students who have a reading age on or above fifteen years old. They have their own identity, and an area in the library to meet, discuss and take out books that are at GCSE level reading or above, specifically chosen by them to enjoy.

Northfield School is very proud of its achievements on the programme and the successes it has had so far, due to the hard work and collaboration between staff, the students and their parents. Thanks to all involved.