Northfield student, Faye, Flying England Flag for Under 15 England Football Team

Northfield student, Faye Dale is flying the England flag this year for the Under 15 England Football Team and is now enjoying playing football worldwide.

The U15 Striker and Year 10 student has been interested in the game of football from a young age with her family being passionate about the sport. Faye has excelled in football for a number of years and informed us she played for Billingham Town mixed team from the age of 7 and at the age of about 10 Faye was noticed for her talent on the pitch by her primary school teacher. She surpassed others to receive a place in the Middlesbrough Football Academy, then obtained a place on the regional team and is now part of the England Under 15 team playing internationally.

During the Easter holidays, Faye and her family visited Belgium for her to compete with the team in a friendly game against Belgium’s U15 squad. Faye said, “it was the best five days of my life! I was excited, but nervous”. Faye was overwhelmed by the support she has received from not only her family but her Billingham friends and fellow students who sent her supportive messages whilst she was representing England in Belgium. Faye told us, “I think I played well and I got good feedback. We played two matches, drawing 2-2 first and winning the second match 2-0. I scored a penalty in the practice shoot out as well.”

This season, Faye has been developing her skills with the help of different training available to her such as the three-day training camp she visited earlier this season at St George’s Park, which also consisted of 1 hour of education a day -  this has helped Faye get one step closer to her ultimate goal of playing in the England’s Lionesses Team.

So, what’s next for Faye?...
“I’ll just keep training”, she tells us, “I train four days a week at Eston Leisure Centre in Middlesbrough”.

Next season, the talented youngster and her team mates are looking forward to competing in the Netherlands and Northfield School are hopefully awaiting more news of Faye and the squad’s success!

Northfield School is very proud of those students who are excelling in their chosen sports and Headteacher, Mr Henderson, was delighted to hear of Faye’s success and experience, “Faye is an excellent role model and totally deserves this success. We are all very proud of her achievement!”

Faye, who is described by staff as a popular and self-driven Year 10 student, has many friends and good relationships with her teachers, who are all pleased to hear of Faye’s ongoing accomplishments. Head of Year 10 Guidance Team, Mr Hetherington, spoke of Faye saying, 'Faye is an absolute gem of a student, she works hard at all that she does.  She shows determination in every lesson, she is positive and wants to succeed.  She is well liked by staff and students alike.'

Good luck to Faye and the Under 15 England team in their training and next endeavours, we look forward to more news on how they are getting on in the future!