Northfield Students Upholding Our Core Value of Honesty!

A local member of the community was absolutely delighted and overwhelmed with the honesty of Northfield students.  She had withdrawn £100 from a cash machine this morning.  Unknown to her, it had dropped out of her pocket onto the pavement and nearby grass.  The money was found by a group of Year 8 students on their way to school who then handed it to Headteacher, Mr Henderson.  They were really anxious that the money be returned to its owner.

The member of the public was absolutely thrilled to find out that her money had been found and handed in.  She was able to come to school to thank them in person and even gave them a bit of pocket money as a thank you!

Headteacher, Mr Henderson, said, “The students are a credit to the school and their families.  It is lovely to hear how our students are supporting members of the community and upholding our core value of honesty.”

Very well done to all the students involved!