Year 7 Foodbank Collection

This term Northfield’s Year Seven have been hard at work collecting non-perishable food items to donate to the Billingham Foodbank. There has been a competition between the tutor groups to see who can collect the most tins; with the winning tutor group and second place winning a prize.

All tutor groups have risen to the challenge with the top three tutor groups being 7TD, 7TE and 7TI; bringing in a consecutive 80, 261 and 286 tins! These amounts are truly staggering and show the commitment and dedication of the year group to supporting local charities. The total amount of tins raised is an astounding: 990 tins! This amount has smashed the previous two records set by the current Year 9 and 8 year groups.

All students got involved in collecting tins and went above and beyond to ensure a large amount was raised. Staff also became actively involved in this cause and raised 32 tins via a box in the staffroom. The total amount raised would not have been possible without the outstanding commitment of a small group of students , who went above and beyond the one tin they were asked to donate. These students include: Tamzin, Anya, Maya, Ethan, Chloe, Kaitlyn, Ellena and Mia.

Maya , Joint Head of the Year Seven Student Council, even contacted local businesses in the community to seek out their support in our cause. She alone donated over 150 tins to our total; this epitomises Maya’s dedicated attitude towards her school life and further enforces what a positive role model she is to all students.  

Jill and Rachel students students from the Billingham Foodbank came into school on Friday 19th December to receive the donation in our end of term assembly. They were very impressed with the school, commenting that they liked our uniform and were complimentary about the Year Seven dancers. They were stunned by the amount of tins which had been raised. Jill commented: “Northfield have made an outstanding contribution to the Billingham Foodbank and this will really help the needy in our local community.”

As a year team we are very proud of the start all of Year Seven have made to their life at Northfield; we believe their record breaking tin collection epitomises their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm to all things Northfield.

Our charity focus next term is The Future Fund, which is a centre for Children’s Cancer Research in Newcastle. Each tutor group will be conducting their own fundraising for this cause. Ideas so far include: onesie run; 12 hours of sport; cake sales and even a bungee-jump! Please continue to check the website for updates on Year Seven’s fundraising events.