Year 9 and 10 Students Visit Durham University Science Festival

On Wednesday 3rd April 40 year 9 and 10 students visited Durham University’s Science Festival. Students were given the opportunity to take part in hands on activities from different scientific disciplines including chemistry, biology, engineering and many more. Students experienced what it is like to work in a university research department as part of a team, with an aim to improve understanding of real life applications of science and technology as well as increase an awareness for future opportunities.

Our students took part in many activities including the hands on making of wind turbines to create the highest power, creating music for others to guess the emotion and looking at how physical activity effects the body. Students were also treated to demonstrations using dry ice, seeing how a banana can be used as a hammer, and the different colours within the light we see. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had a real buzz when they returned to school about science at degree level.