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Parent Evenings Survey Results

Parent Feedback

It was great to see so many of you at the recent consultation evenings in which you were given information about the new assessment and grading system. This new system is now used for all subjects in years 7 to 9, with year 10 using the new grades in English and Maths.  If you were unable to attend either of the consultation evenings and did not receive a copy of the letter explaining all the changes, please contact the school office.

Survey Results

You may be interested to know that from the 414 responses that we received in which we asked “The information that I have received this evening provides me with useful information on my child’s progress”;

  • 67.7% of parents were “Very Happy”
  • 26.9% of parents were “Happy”
  • 4.4% of parents were “Satisfied”
  • 0.7% were “Unhappy”
  • 0.2% were “Very unhappy”

Survey responses by year group.


Overall, we are very pleased with this response and would like to thank you for the many comments that you have made.  Here are just some of them;

 “Great to hear my child talk about her work – showing a clear understanding of the subject.”
“I found the evening very helpful. I hope to have more of these.”
“Very happy with the information given.”
“My daughter is doing very well - great explanation of new gradings. Thankyou.”
“My daughter is doing very well and I am very proud.”
“Very informative.”
“Very useful. Glad with my sons progress. Good to see the interaction between my son and his form teacher. They obviously have a great relationship.” 
“It was lovely to meet my child’s  new tutor. I am pleased with all that was said.”
“Very pleased with the clear information we received. Thank you.”

We really do value your comments and feedback and ask that if you have any suggestions for further improvements, please contact us. We are always pleased to hear from you!