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Parent Survey Results

Parent Survey 2015

I would like to thank all parents who contributed to the 2015 Parent Survey last term.  This information is extremely useful to the staff and governors of Northfield and enables us to get a better understanding of your thoughts, views and opinions about our school and the work that we do.  It is also useful for us to compare your views with responses from previous years, so that we are able to gauge how well we respond to your comments and feedback.

This year, the parent survey was completed by a record number of 252 parents. This, given the number of siblings that we have in the school, represents a return of nearly 50% of our parents.

Parents who had more than one child at the school were asked to give their comments based on the experiences of their eldest child. The percentage of responses for each year group was as follows;

The Parent Survey consisted of 34 questions, which covered many aspects of life in the school.  The results were extremely positive and showed that a high percentage of you felt that we are providing high quality opportunities and experiences for our students. The highest response was “Staff expect my child to work hard and do his/her best” in which 98% of you agreed, or strongly agreed with this statement.

Further Development and Improvements

Although we were pleased with many of the responses, it also highlights areas that we need to develop further.  For example, although almost three quarters of parents felt that we encouraged parents, to “play an active part in the school and its activities”, we would like to increase that percentage even further and as such, this will be a focus for us for the year ahead.

The graph below shows the percentage of positive responses between the survey of 2014 to the survey of 2015.  It clearly shows that parents have noticed the many improvements that have taken place in school over the last twelve months.  In particular, the introduction of the “Show My Homework” system, which allows you to see (and even download!) homework tasks that have been set for students has proved to be very useful. By using this, we hope that you will feel that you can play a very important part in supporting your child in their school work.

The graph also shows that, although there has been a noticeable improvement from 2014, we still need to work harder to make sure that you are always fully informed about how well your child is doing.   We have now introduced “Flipped” parents evenings, as well as running the usual “Subject” Consultation evenings in order to share and celebrate the successes of our students.  In order to improve the communication on student progress, the half-termly assessment reports that have been issued (in paper format) to students will now be available electronically from “FROG”, accessed from our school website.  This will alleviate the problems caused by the reports “getting lost in bags” and suchlike. It will also enable us to see whether or not parents have been able to access the reports that have been produced for them.

Students also completed a similar survey, asking them what they felt about their experiences at Northfield School.  Overwhelmingly, 99.3% of students acknowledged that “Working hard at school is important for later work life”.  97% of students said that they “knew how well they were doing” in their subjects. 93% of students said that they “are encouraged by their teachers to do their best” and that their work “…is marked helpfully so that I can see how to improve it.”   92% of students said that they “….were proud to attend Northfield School”. 

Both parents and students were encouraged to write any further comments about how they feel the school could improve further in the future.  These comments were grouped under various “topics” to help us to prioritise our future plans.  Again, these comments show that we have made significant progress as a school over the last twelve months.  For example, in the student survey of 2014, 63 students made comments about the poor toilet facilities in school.  We acted upon this very pro-actively, redesigning the layout of the toilets in both the upper and lower school corridors. We feel that this has made a huge improvement and students agree. In the survey of 2015, not one student raised any concerns about the toilet facilities in school.  In the survey of 2014, 43 students made comments about poor access to ICT facilities at lunchtimes, but with the huge investment that we have made over the last two years, this issue has now been eradicated, with students having full access to a “state of the art” ICT suite.

In the Parent and Student survey of 2013, many people raised issues about the school uniform. There was then a consultation process about a possible new school uniform and our students voted for change! We are delighted with the result. Our students look extremely smart and this improvement has been reflected in the number of positive comments in the 2015 survey.

We also asked our students what we could do to improve their social areas. The overwhelming response was to redesign and modernise their student entrance quadrant.  Following further consultation with our students and an architect on its design we are delighted with the final result.
As a popular, over-subscribed and very successful school, we have a great deal to be very proud of. However, we are also a school that is continually striving to get even better in the future. Put quite simply, we want to be “the best” in everything that we do. The responses that you have given us in the survey are therefore extremely helpful to us and help us in our plans for future developments. You can be assured that we take your comments and suggestions very seriously.

I would like to thank you, once again, for your opinions and would ask that if you have any further suggestions about how we can improve, please contact the school. We are always pleased to hear from you!

N. D. Wills
Assistant Headteacher
September 2015