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Visual Impairment

The provision for pupils with a visual impairment was established at Northfield School in September 2001. It can cater for up to ten pupils using either Braille or large print, within the mainstream curriculum.

Within the school community our aim is to fully include pupils who are visually impaired. This is achieved by:

  • Having a commitment to producing all curriculum material in the appropriate format for the individual pupil.
  • Providing a range of specialised equipment for use within the classroom or base.
  • Providing classroom support to the pupils and subject teacher, so that the pupils learn alongside their peers.
  • Encouraging independent learning, at a pace that is comfortable for the pupil.
  • Promoting self awareness, social and personal relationships.
  • Raising awareness and involving other pupils in the educational and social needs of pupils with a visual loss.
  • Delivering appropriate training to subject teachers on suitable classroom strategies and teaching styles.
  • Monitoring and assessing the pupil's visual functioning on a regular basis.
  • Liaising with other professionals involved with the pupil.

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