Year 7 School 2018

Year 7 School 2018

As you know Northfield School and Sports College is a very popular school having been oversubscribed for a number of years. In order to reduce the number of disappointed students and parents who are unsuccessful in securing a place the governors have increased the number of student places from 270 to 300. Despite this Northfield continues to be oversubscribed and some applicants have still been unsuccessful. The governors have therefore taken the decision to increase numbers further to 330 from September 2018.

In order to accommodate the increase in students and ensure that Northfield continues to be effective in catering for the needs of its young people the plan was to build a new Year 7 School on this site.

The exciting news is that work is now underway. Our new state of the art facility is beginning to take shape and our vision of creating a small school within a big school is developing into a reality. Y6 pupils applying to be Y7 starters in September 2018 can look forward to the beginning of an exciting journey supported by dedicated staff and state of the art facilities to support their academic and social progress in preparing them for their place in the modern world.

Our current pupils are also excited by these new developments. They look forward to September 2018 when the school will be less congested, there will be less pressure on facilities within school and they will be presented with the opportunity to benefit from the use of the high specification science labs at certain times of the day.


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