Year 7 School 2018

Year 7 School 2018

Year 7 School 2018

In order to accommodate its growing numbers of students and ensure that Northfield School continues to cater for the needs of its young people a new Year 7 School is being built on site.

Work began on the foundations in October and since then the building has really started to take shape, allowing our vision to develop into a reality. Year 6 students choosing to join Northfield School in September can look forward to the benefits of being taught in a small school within a large school supported by dedicated staff and state of the art facilities. The new build will help ensure a smooth transition from Y6 to 7 by eradicating the anxieties many students feel when leaving their relatively small primary schools to join a large secondary school.

The contemporary architecture and style of the building allows for a more creative and flexible approach to curriculum design and work is underway to ensure that the curriculum is planned to allow students to develop the skills necessary to progress in a modern and rapidly changing world.

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