Year 7 School 2018

Year 7 School 2018

Building Update - September 2018

Our Year 7 School is progressing well. The builders are currently putting the finishing touches to our fantastic new learning space. Staff and pupils alike are very excited about their move to the new build.

We have been informed that we are on schedule to move into the building over the coming week allowing for staff to prepare to welcome Y7 to their new school week beginning 24th September. We are grateful to everybody for their patience and we are confident that you will agree that the extra wait has been worthwhile.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Y7 School so that you can see for yourself what a wonderful opportunity this is for the school community.

Year 7 School 2018

In order to accommodate its growing numbers of students and ensure that Northfield School continues to cater for the needs of its young people a new Year 7 School is being built on site.

Work began on the foundations in October and since then the building has really started to take shape, allowing our vision to develop into a reality. Year 6 pupils choosing to join Northfield School in September can look forward to the benefits of being taught in a small school within a large school supported by dedicated staff and state of the art facilities. The new build will help ensure a smooth transition from Y6 to 7 by eradicating the anxieties many pupils feel when leaving their relatively small primary schools to join a large secondary school.

The contemporary architecture and style of the building allows for a more creative and flexible approach to curriculum design and work is underway to ensure that the curriculum is planned to allow pupils to develop the skills necessary to progress in a modern and rapidly changing world.

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