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Year 7 Enrichment

Northfield School’s vision is for every student to fulfil potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development. We aim to ensure that all of our students leave as happy, confident, articulate and successful young people ready and able to work towards becoming successful members of society. We strive to ensure that we create an environment where everyone supports each other in contributing to school life and every individual feels that they are a valued and active member of our school and wider community.

Our curriculum has been designed in a way that allows this vision to be realised. Running alongside and supporting our curriculum is a well-structured and varied enrichment programme. There is therefore an expectation that every Y7 student signs up to, and attends, at least one enrichment activity each term. We strongly believe that, by participating in this programme, pupils at Northfield School will not only develop academically but personally, socially, culturally and spiritually.

Enrichment Programme

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School     5-a-side football - Mr Dwyer    
Lunchtime  Trampolining - Mr Dwyer Trampolining - Mr Dwyer Trampolining - Mr Dwyer Trampolining - Mr Dwyer Trampolining - Mr Dwyer
  Chess Club - Mrs Garside Gym - Mr Crofts Outlet - Billingham Team Parish Gym - Mr Crofts and Mr Alderson Table Tennis - Mr Martin
  Basketball - Mr Alderson Russian - Mrs Graham Ukulele Club - Miss Hird Volleyball - Mr Martin  Whole School Ukelele Club - Miss Hird
  Y7 Singers - Mr Wills Dodge Ball - Mr Martin    
Dance - Miss Bell      
After School Soloists - Miss Hird Northfield News Team -  Miss Orley Trampolining - Mr Dwyer Trampolining - Mr Dwyer Trampolining - Mr Dwyer
  Performing Arts Club - Mr Kentfield-Wells   Boys' Football - Mr Martin Science Club - Mrs Gilligan Ukulele Club - Miss Hird
  Art - Mr Birch   Food Technology - Miss Dimbleby, Miss Roche, Middlesbrough Football Club Table Tennis - Mrs Leighton After school club
  Production Workshop - Miss Orley   Orienteering - Mr Martin Gym - Mr Crofts  
  Diversity Club - Miss Hancock, Mrs Barnfather, Mrs Raw and Miss Silivistris
  World Record Club - Mr Fielding Running - Miss Bell  
      Netball - Mrs Comley Basketball - Mr Alderson  
Girls’ Football - Mr Fielding  
Boogie Bounce - Mrs Comley  
        Production Workshop - Miss Orley