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Head Boy and Head Girl Message

Head Girl

Hello, I am Alice and I am so happy to have been given the position of Head Girl. I am looking forward to representing the school alongside Thomas, our Head Boy, and our Junior Leadership Team of Erin, Oliver and Abbey.

I have attended Northfield since Year 7 and have loved every minute. Northfield made my transition easy and everyone was so welcoming. I was the only child to move from my primary school, which was quite a daunting experience, but I quickly made friends and never felt lonely. In the past year, the school has introduced the Year 7 building which makes the transition easier for the students, so the Year 7s are in their own building getting introduced to ‘big school’ in a less intimidating way. Recently, there has also been an extension to the Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired Base to make the school more inclusive for everyone.

Staff at Northfield are excellent and try and create the most positive learning environment possible. No school has perfect behaviour, but with the introduction of Mr Henderson’s new behaviour policy and the Personalised Learning Centre where behaviour problems can be addressed, behaviour has begun to improve. Mr Henderson had also introduced new core values, - Honesty, Respect and Resilience for students to follow. The school has a very active PTA who hold regular meetings and help organise fundraising events, the PTA is open to all parents. The Governing body help to make sure the school is being run properly and offer their own time to make this happen.

As well as each student having a form tutor, each year group has a guidance team. Any of these members of staff are there to help. They offer great support, especially if someone has any issues that require extra support.

Northfield offer countless wonderful opportunities over your time here which include trips to Bonne, Paris, the Alps and America. I have recently taken part in the Dutch exchange, which was an amazing experience, a beautiful nine-day expedition to the Scottish Highlands, a history trip to Berlin, a trip to the Harry Potter Studios and have begun fundraising for a World Challenge trip to India in July 2020.

Also, you can gain your bronze and silver medal in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme at Northfield with the help of our fantastic staff who give up so much of their time to help us achieve this. In Year 10, your guidance team and the business department focus their time on careers and take you on work experience and mock interviews.

Each subject area at the school have amazing staff working to help you achieve the best result possible. During Years 7 and 8 you will study a wide range of subjects before choosing your options at the end of Year 8. In every year you can run for student council in your tutor groups and then can be chosen to be a part of the whole school council where you meet regularly with the JLT and teachers to give your year groups ideas. All subjects give amazing experiences for pupils such as being given the chance to represent the school as a sports leader at sporting events with local primary schools and special educational needs children. This is a very rewarding experience and I loved taking part. Our PE department offer a huge range of activities and we have many successful individuals and teams at the school. Also, the music department have a band, a choir and a ukulele group who always put on a great performance at assemblies and special events.

If you are looking for a school with good leadership, enthusiastic, supportive staff and great opportunities Northfield would be perfect. I am very proud to be a part of Northfield School and feel that Mr Henderson, the Senior Leadership Team, teachers and all staff work hard to give us the best experience and results.


Head Boy

Hello, my name is Thomas and I am proud to say I am the Head Boy of Northfield School. First of all, I think it needs to be said that Northfield is a ‘one of a kind’ with its state-of-the-art facilities and some of the best teachers you could wish for. I think it’s easily noticed that Northfield has an outstanding number of activities in which you or your child can participate. For example, when you join Year 10, you can become part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, or you could join the STEM club. In addition, there are multiple school trips and learning activities or you could become a student librarian and supervise in the library; you get the point, right? There is lots and lots to do other than lessons themselves.

When I first joined Northfield School in 2015, I felt nervous for only the first day; in fact, I only felt uneasy for part of that day as it was a very welcoming start with Prefects and Peer Supporters easing the transition for me and my peers into Year 7. Staff were equally as welcoming, introducing students to exciting new topics and opportunities for everyone at Northfield. However, it will be even easier for the new Year 7 students who join this year and in the future on account of our brand-new, dedicated Year 7 school building. Not only does this ease the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 but it also allows the new students to feel more comfortable with the new subjects in the modern advanced labs and computer rooms, for example.

I would also like to mention the fantastic guidance teams which are always available to help any student at any time. My current guidance team have always been very kind and know every student in my year really well, responding to individual needs.

Furthermore, it is important to tell you about the school trips abroad which are always absolutely brilliant. Back in Year 8, I embarked on a life changing experience to the Alps for a school-skiing holiday. This trip really changed my outlook and allowed me to conquer my fear of heights (given that we were at an altitude of 1,800 metres) in the comfort of my friends’ company and extremely helpful and encouraging teachers. Then just four months later, I went on another school trip to Paris with the French Department which was filled to the brim with memorable experiences which always make me smile.

I would also like to talk about the vast selection and array of pathways to follow at Northfield School once you reach the point of making your option choices. From engineering to dance, there is a massive choice available for students to pick, learn and enjoy in their following three years. There is also a pathway available for the high achieving students within school which allows them to maximise their potential. All pathways are tailored to match the needs of all students and ensure they make the most progress possible.

In conclusion, Northfield is an exceptional school and truthfully, the best choice you could pick for your secondary school education if you want to succeed.