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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium - 2019/20 Cohort

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium is additional funding that is given to schools to support students who may need enhanced support to address relative underachievement as measured at the end of Year 6.

£500 is allocated to schools for each student who did not achieve a scaled score of at least 100 (previously level 4) in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2.

All secondary schools are required to publish details of how the school spends this funding and the effect this has had upon the attainment of the pupils who attract it.

Northfield School Context 2019/20

In 2019/20 Northfield School has not yet received it’s catch up allocation. However, based on the numbers outlined below, it is anticipated that it will be similar to the allocation received in 2018/19





Catch Up

36/130 27.7%

34/145 23.4%

70/275 25.5%

Literacy Only

34/130 26.2%

26/145 17.9%

60/275 21.8%

Numeracy Only

12/130 9.2%

23/145 15.9%

35/275 12.7%

Literacy and Numeracy

10/130 7.7%

15/145 10.3%

25/275 9.0%

Planned Expenditure 2019/20

Area of expenditure

Proposed strategies

Literacy intervention

Appointment of Literacy Coordinator to oversee the following strategies:

  1. Accelerated Reader Programme
  2. Reading Leaders with Year Seven
  3. Reciprocal Reading groups
  4. Book corners in Year 7 School
  5. Literacy Residential visit
  6. Word of the Week 
  7. Reciprocal Reading Family Learning events (Year 7) 
  8. Reciprocal Reading slides used in all departments
  9. Spelling Wall used in all workbooks
  10. Literacy keys posters/key rings
  11. Half termly literacy activities across all departments
  12. Coordinated oracy activities


Cost: £ 7,000

Numeracy intervention

Appointment of Numeracy Coordinator to oversee the following strategies:

  1. KS2 data analysed and areas for improvement identified via the question level analysis
  2. Targeted programs put in place for individual students and implemented by Numeracy Coordinator during morning form time
  3. Weekly small group intervention sessions
  4. All catch up students provided with access Mathswatch to support their progress at home
  5. Students re-tested at end of Y7


Cost: £ 3,000

SEND Specific Interventions

School SENCo oversees the following strategies:

  1. Year 7 Progress Group led by a qualified primary school teacher
  2. Introduction of the Lexia programme
  3. Inspire maths programme


Cost: £ 7,000

Impact of Spend 2018/19


Sept  2018

Year 7 AP3   July 2018

Catch Up

71/292     24.3%



59/292     20.2%

33 of the 59 students are now making “Expected progress” in English.


42/292     14.4%

27 of the 42 students are now making “Expected progress” in Maths.