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Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a nationally recognised reading initiative that focuses on improving reading ages for Primary and Secondary students.

At Northfield School all Y7 and Y8 students participate in the programme, together with some KS4 students.

How does Accelerated Reader work?

  • Students are assessed 4 times a year using Star Test, this gives their Reading Age at each point and from this we monitor their development
  • The data from the test ascertains what level of book the student should be reading, and they are given a bespoke reading range called the ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development – see the ‘A Parents’ Guide to Accelerated Reader’ document below for more details)
  • Using their ZPD we help each student choose books; fiction or non-fiction which most suitable for them
  • Having read their chosen book, students are expected to quiz at least once a fortnight and achieve 85-95% - this shows they have fully understood the book but that it has the right level of challenge

How often should students read?

Each student is expected to read for at least 20 minutes per day, 5 times a week, In school, students have the opportunity to read and quiz twice a week in Morning Form Time and once a week for 30 minutes in lesson time. (the lesson period changes each week)

Why is reading important?

As you will be aware, GCSE examinations have become more rigorous and demanding in recent years, particularly in relation to the wording and ‘readability’ of the questions. This is the case regardless of the subject; from Biology to History to DT. The Accelerated Reader programme develops your child’s reading age and ability to access a range of GCSE papers, thus boosting their confidence and chances of success.

Celebrating student achievement in Accelerated Reader

As students progress through the programme they are awarded certificates, starting at Ready Reader and progressing through to Star Reader. Each time they complete a quiz with a score of 85% or above they receive an Achievement Point.

We also have half-termly prizes for inter-tutor group competitions and for our Millionaire Readers -students who have read a million words or more!

Reading Leaders Programme

Y9 and Y10 students mentor Y7 students on a weekly basis to help them develop their reading skills. The programme is extremely successful, giving the older students the opportunity to develop their coaching skills and be part of the wider Northfield community.

101 Club

For our more able readers, in addition to Accelerated Reader we have the 101 Club. This is designed for students already reading at GCSE levels, and gives them the opportunity to read books of a more complex nature. However, be assured that the books are carefully chosen by our school librarians, Mrs Green and Mrs Cady, to ensure that the content is appropriate for the age of the student.

For more information about Accelerated Reader and how you can support your child, see the ‘A Parents’ Guide to Accelerated Reader’ document below.

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