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Student Well-being

Northfield School and Sports College is firmly committed to the principle that every child does indeed matter.

Our strategy is to achieve a suitable environment in which all of our students can succeed. We promote an environment in school where students who feel threatened or vulnerable can feel supported and be confident that their concerns will be listened to and acted upon.

Recognition of Quality

We take our commitment to student well-being extremely seriously and we work with several outside bodies – examples of this include Alliance and ABC counselling.

Student Well-being Policy

Northfield School has a student Well-being Policy. This states that we consider all forms of bullying to be unacceptable and also the procedures which will be followed within school when an incident of bullying is reported. The policy is reviewed regularly by the well-being supporters group.

Student Well-being Supporters

The Student Well-being Supporters (from all year groups) volunteer on a daily basis, to support our students. They form a key part of our student well-being programme.

Sometimes just ‘being there’ is enough but this group of highly trained students ensure that whatever a student’s problems may be there is always someone near to support them. Student Well-being Supporters are enthusiastic, incredibly well-motivated and very approachable. They all wear the Student Well-being Supporters badge (see below) and embody our school motto ‘many minds, one heart’.

The Student Well-being Supporters Group help individuals, raise awareness through assembly presentations, involve themselves in fundraising for charities, maintain and run our well-being garden and Y7 well-being room and have taken part in in-house first aid training.