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Spring Challenge

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Spin the hoop on the floor and let it go. How many times can you jump in and out of the hoop before it stops spinning?

Can you keep hula hooping for 1 minute?

Extension – for those who can hula easily, can you hula for 1 minute with 1, 2, 3 or 4 hoops at a time?

Can you jog on the spot whilst rotating the hula hoop around your ankle?

How many times can you spin the hula hoop in one minute?

Practice your skills at home or at school and when you are ready ask a friend, sports leader or adult to time and count your score.

Record your score and then see if it can be improved next time.

We would love to see some video recordings or photographs of your attempts.

Ask your Sports Leaders to keep the results. Children should be encouraged to try and improve their score each week and challenge each other on a leader board if appropriate.

Teachers- please tweet your results to @northfieldssp using #hulachallenge, share on our Facebook Page or email us directly. Prizes are available and this is good evidence for your School Games Mark applications!

(NB: If you record the attempts, you don’t need to tweet the videos but these can be saved to show us if you get the highest score).