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Stockton SSP 30 Active Minute Ideas

The Government Childhood Obesity Plan has set out the ambition for all children to achieve one hour of physical activity every day, with schools being responsible for delivering 30 of these active minutes.

Below you will find 30 ideas for schools to try in order to create an Active School and to help children to increase the amount of time that they are active during the school day. For more resources check out the website

Active Travel Before School Active Lessons Break &
After School
Start 'Walk to School Wednesdays'.
WOW Travel Tracker
Wake & Shake Club
led by students .
BBC Super Movers 5 A Day TV Go Noodle
Use simple activity breaks to ensure that students don't sit down for too long.
BBC Super Movers Kidz Bop Videos Jump Start Jonny
Train your lunchtime supervisors or employ a sports coach as a lunchtime supervisor to get students active. Review your after school club offer and encourage all students to opt in to a minimum of one club per week.
Ensure you have appropriate storage for scooters & bikes and encourage children to use them.
Sustrans Charity
Introduce activity to your breakfast club.
Provide CPD for staff to encourage and support them to make lessons more active.
Youth Sport Trust SSP Courses
Introduce a basic stage area with music for children to practice dance routines.
Stage Area Ideas ESP Play Stages Playdale Stages
Employ an apprentice/TA who starts later in the morning a few days a week and works until 4.30 to run sports/activity clubs.
Organise Bikeability training in your school to encourage more children to ride to school safely.
Set up the playground for a termly challenge and encourage parents to help their children or take part themselves.
Stockton SSP
Termly Challenge
Check out resources and websites designed to make learning active.
Tagtiv8 Maths of the Day
Change your playground markings/zoned areas to encourage more activity. You could invest in some outdoor table tennis tables for your students .
Playground Games
Work in partnership with local sports clubs and offer use of your facilities in return for them delivering an after school club for students .
Sports Directory Get Active North East
Promote & reward 'Park & Stride'. Park 5 mins further away and walk & talk for the rest of the journey.
Park & Stride
Start the school day 10 minutes early with physical activity sessions in the classrooms.
BBC Super Movers 5 A Day TV Go Noodle
Introduce  walk & talk tasks in lessons  - give students a 5 minute break with a discussion topic or questions to answer in pairs. Introduce the SSP Termly Challenge for children to achieve a personal best.
Stockton SSP
Termly Challenge
Set an Active Homework or finish the day with Active Story Time.
Work with volunteers to start a walking bus/scooter club.
Crocodile App
Consider introducing the daily mile. Parents could be invited to join in.
The Daily Mile
Check out Supermovers video clips - linked to learning activities e.g. times tables.
BBC Super Movers
Introduce Playground Leaders/Buddies to encourage activity.
Sports Leaders Stockton SSP
Student Leadership
Encourage parents & carers to walk home or park their cars further from school to allow a 10 minute walk back to the car.

Get involved in National Walk to School Week.
Awareness Days

Active Travel Guide

Play music when the children line up to come into school and encourage them to get moving for the length of one song.
Line Up Dancing
Check out Premier League Primary Stars website for cross curricular ideas.
Premier League
Primary Stars
Invest in a trim trail/field equipment to encourage activity.
ESP Play Stages Playdale Stages
Start a Change 4 Life Club after school to engage your least active children.