Year 6 Transition

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Year 6 Transition

Curriculum Overview

What are we learning in Year 7?

Our KS3 curriculum has been designed to allow our students to enjoy, and be challenged in, their learning. Pupils are taught in sets based on teacher assessments. At KS3, we take a thematic approach to allow students to gain a depth of understanding by making links across the curriculum in terms of knowledge, skills and application.

At KS3, our students embark on a journey made up of three learning expeditions underpinned by a guiding question:

Term 1:

Community - What makes a successful community?

Studying theme of Community supports us in understanding how we belong to the school, local and global community. This sense of belonging helps us to make positive links with our community.

Term 2:

Exploration - Does exploration benefit mankind?

At Northfield School and Sports College, we believe that learning is a journey of exploration. Exploration feeds our curiosity and challenges us. By demonstrating the core value of resilience, we can overcome these challenges and make amazing progress as individuals and as a society.

Term 3:

Discovery - How has discovery changed the course of our lives?

Our journey of exploration often leads to discovery. At Northfield School and Sports College, we celebrate discovery. This can take many forms including the discovery of new knowledge and skills. Through discovery, we develop into confident learners with the knowledge, skills and experience to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Year 7 Curriculum Overview