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Year 7 Curriculum


World Book Day

March the 7th 2019 saw Northfield School celebrating World Book Day, but this year we went one step further. This year staff and students were able to dress up as a book character of their choice. Over 70 members of staff dressed up and taught their lessons that day, dressed up as anything from Fantastic Mr Fox to an oompa loompa! Some children dressed up too and made a huge effort to get involved in the activities throughout the day. In English, children read extracts from stories and created their own book covers. Lots of prizes were up for grabs for the best dressed throughout the day. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day of celebrating all we already do as a school to promote literacy with our students, to ensure they have the best life chances when they leave school. We are already looking forward to next year's outfits!

Book Corners

To celebrate World Book Day Year Seven have been busy working hard on creating book corners in their tutor rooms. Each tutor was given a budget of £50 to spend on getting decorations for their book corners. Each tutor group came up with their own theme for the book corner and many students donated items from home to make the corners really stand out. Our themes were all very different, such as: Books Got Talent, Space, Save the Bees, Harry Potter, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Jack and the Beanstalk. The winner was 7L with their Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe theme, complete with handmade bean bags, a witch and even a lion! A fantastic effort from all and we hope 7L enjoy their prize of a Pizza Party.

Reciprocal Reading

Reciprocal Reading is a process where students:

  • predict what they are about to read;
  • clarify the meanings of words using a dictionary;
  • question the text and each other about what they are reading and then summarise what they have read.

This is a proven reading strategy which can help children comprehend more clearly what they are reading.

Reading Leaders

In Year Seven, students are very lucky to have over 60 volunteer Reading Leaders from Year nine and Ten who work with them on a weekly basis to improve their Reading Age. The volunteers help them to:

  • be more organised in remembering their reading book;
  • clarifying difficult words
  • helping them renew their book and quiz.

This takes place on a weekly basis during a Monday morning form time.